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Default Uncalled for.....

Life expectancy of anyone being a member of this forum is fleeting.

Kerry and Jane Doe are the longest frequent posters of late.
They have both been warned or they will be banned.
Been a while since then though.

A lot of others get banned at the whim of the current supermoderator.
Under the present moderator this forum has no interest in anyone
continuing to be a member.

BA simply wants you to be submissive to her. No long term about it.
Probably just wants to get fangs into you. Expecting you to be troubled
in your thought process from it.

The tale told here by BA of her earlier years
is an outright fabrication, whether known or not to BA.

The unknown "they" oft referred to, when it comes to goings on,
have BA doing their bidding.

You all will have to see through for on your own accounts.

Try not to submissively be subdued.


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