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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

I find this thread very dis-heartening since I have admired writings from all involved.

Yeoshua- I have no reason to believe you personal are disingenuous and you do present yourself as a positive person. Perhaps some will say I am being deceived but I will only view you by your words here and what you contribute. One question for you, do you have to pay any dues to the masons? If so, how can you be assured that that money is not funding corruption?

Truebeliever- I greatly admire your practicality in fighting the NWO, we seem to be on the same wavelength on that. One thing that I have found out on beliefs however (particular religious) is that, in a large way, they don't matter- especially when fighting the NWO. I think the Bible and Jesus' teachings can be useful tools to aid us in how to live a proper life in how the NWO can be fought. If someone wants to believe something that I can't prove wrong (which there is almost nothing in which I really can) then I see no harm in leaving people to their faith.

Ahmad- your adherence to your principles, even under attack shows great character to me and I do stand with you in wanting to spread peace and love. I may not always necessary agree with some specifics of your faith and prefer to hold back some of my own but I appreciate the goodness.

Now, to be more on topic- I've never had any affiliation to a Masons but I have known one and am friends with his daughter and her husband. I've known all these people before I became NWO aware and only learned of his affiliation from his mason ring that I noticed the first time I saw him after I learned of the NWO. The mason in question is a master woodworker (obvious connection) and someone I had admired, I guess I can still be paranoid but I have no issues in this case.
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