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Default Re: Present-day world

Originally Posted by li'lears View Post
Supposedly life is inside of you to develop out but life is also taken in you from without to mix together.

The outside world is full of seemingly --> get aboard.
With little emphasis on your developement in regards to yourself; save your
physical developement possibly(?).

The vastness of the outside world serves to inundate you with:
what do you know.

Developing about from within appears to be heavily hindered.
Leading the way doing so seems to be the way we are socially oppressive.

However the way we go on to one-another seems to be more guided about
from without than from within.

The more you go you - the more you can see the outside world wants to
beat you down to size.

Around you is heavy on already right now but developing about isn't.

How do you see being in a world away from you be?:
as far as I go I have always taken it to the quick.
Result-wise: I am dead to the world around me yet I am still be-able.
Looking at the world passing away before me as I would be living on.
With my head above it all however I do not have to pan out.
As is would be physically sustainable but mentally depriving.
Very beautifully written, BA.
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