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Default Obama has taken over AlterNet (, censors uswgo/dissent

Source: Obama has taken over AlterNet (, censors all USWGO Content again! - USWGO Alternative News


Author: Brian D. Hill

Remember when I believed I was hacked on Alternet and even asked facebook users to send polite emails asking Alternet to restore USWGO. Well now facebook took down my event that was asking people to send polite emails and also Alternet ended up attacking my next account titled UswgoLives.

So now I know this hack was deliberate and that now Alternet is engaging in active censorship against different political viewpoints and then claims that the users have elected to delete their entire accounts worth of data.

This was a screenshot I taken from my UswgoLives Alternet Account:

So it's official, even with many facebook friends public support to emailing Alternet to restore my posts, USWGO has been officially censored by Alternet and they masked it as a hack.

Also the entire Alternet page has been transformed into an Obama propaganda site working for the offshore elite bankers. You can tell they have totally transformed Alternet into an Obamanation piece of sh*t:

Just like all other Obama run WebPages it talks only about the elite pushed propaganda illusions of talking about the GOP, the usual Sarah Palin is evil, democrats are wonderful, republicans are evil, left right wing paradigm propaganda, and even promotes even though they refused to allow me to have a petition on their website demanding that the 9/11 commission should re-investigate 9/11 while they were okay with banning offshore drilling to force America to be completely dependent on unreliable and foreign oil.

What scares me is that after people foolishly vote Republicans back in Political Office, Alternet will temporarily let me back on their website months later just to pull the same stunt to get people to re-vote democrats like We The People are becoming stupid hamsters running on hamster wheels till we die and will keep voting in Bilderberg covered political parties.

This means that the truth will be forever censored, the war against blogs is still continuing, and Alternet will be favor of Pro Obama, Pro Socialist, Pro Fair Tax, Pro Cap and Trade, and even Pro left right paradigm.

Alternet is a tax deductible nonprofit organization that has apparently become another one of Obama’s Boys, another Bilderberg sponsored Coup-da-ta, that favors Big Governments controlling every facet of human life and energy, and Free Trade doesn't exist anymore.

The WebSites the elite have taken over and taken control of before Alternet are:

1. Facebook
2. Google
3. Yahoo
4. CNN
6. Myyearbook
7. RonPaulForums
8. and thousands of other widely popular websites that may attract negative attention against the elite and may start raids against the Bilderberg organization.

AlterNet’s censorship will be a major blow since USWGO Statistics software says that lots of visitors that discover the truth on USWGO has came from USWGO Articles mirrored on

So if more and more sites such as Alternet will cater to Obama then the Bilderberg’s will be able to shut down pretty much any Free Speech anywhere online since the Government factions and Bilderberg’s can hide behind private entities they have the right to take down anything against the New World Order. The War on Free Speech is getting even more intense because the elite (Demons) know their time to rule the world is short so they continue to harass and desolate the truther protesters.

Freedom of Speech is in its last days...

Future the elites will bring:

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