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Default New Life Form Found In Balkans

Unbelievable, but it is still known to happen in time of satellites and advanced technology... On the territory of former Yugoslavia, across Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Vojvodina, Kosovo, Serbian Republic, and elsewhere, a new life form was discovered.

Although this does not happen often, scientists have succeeded in holding this recent, sensational discovery in secret up until today, when the results of scientific research and analysis finally arrived and confirmed the expectations: various locations of the wider Balkans began to inhabit a new life form.

In the professional scientific documentation, the new animal species for which it is assumed to be illegally residing in the open and closed spaces of these areas for about twenty years are classified as the Č.OV.AC.

Despite recent scandals, after hacking of emails, with which documents such as forgery of the historical temperature data and production of the Hadley/CRU temperature record in the case of "Climategate", farce about the pandemic of swine flu, the collapse of the world economy based on economic science, and a lot more of that was discovered, the number of skeptics towards the official science is enormously increasing, but science still however continues forward in huge steps.

As far as this branch of science goes, let us remind ourselves that researchers created an artificial, synthetic life form in May of this year.
Experts from the U.S. have created Synthia from 4 different chemicals, the first synthetic life form in the history of the world.
And now Č.OV.AC., in these parts of the world...

Č.OV.AC. belongs to the class of mammals, most of the time it is easily seen or recognized, by all estimates it is smaller and smaller in numbers, near extinction, although it is assumed that as a new species it has managed to expand and proliferate itself on other continents.
The hair color of males as well as females varies from light to black, average weight of males is about 80kg and of females about 60kg, examples of over 200kg were observed as well.
The lifetime span of these creatures is on average about 70 years, but the age of some units goes up to 140-150 years.
Č.OV.AC. likes to live in a pack, it eats meat and plants, the females, during an average life span, give birth once to twice.
Č.OV.AC. is sometimes a very belligerent animal, but for human kind it is dangerous even when idle.
Scientists have, however, through experimentation found out that this only now discovered animal is very easy to tame, and that which pleases it the most as well as establishes mutual trust and friendship, is cutting its hair as often as possible.

To be better able to understand this newly discovered life form, one needs to go back to the beginning:

Scientists Discover New Form Of Animal Life In Balkans


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