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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

WOW! I got got back from work to numerous notifications on this post. Yeoshua, I thank you for answering, and regret that it turned out as it did.

So your a Master Mason that means you are Blue Lodge correct?
I think mature students of the conspiracy dont blame all of Masonry, but honestly certain masonic organisations historically have been less than sincere and have worked to destabilise goverments(Propoganda 2 for example).
I also know the secrecy works against the public relation image of Masonry, coupled with the negative aspects of the history of Masonry.

I also know that Masonry is not the root of the NWO, but has been used by the Illuminati since 1776, confirmed by the writings of Robison and Baurrel during their own era.The infaltration aspect by the globalist is correct as Weishaupt admits it in his writings. (See Proofs of a conspiracy by John Robinson).

Globalist control is a given that is why we are all here.

The branches that you feel have been corrupted are the speculative degrees The York rite and the Scottish rite and it is with these so-called higher degrees that the members of these degrees say the Blue degres are for the uninitiated, they claim the blue degrees are for the vulgar, and the real secrets of Masonry is Lucifer worship, other occultist confirm this, esoteric teachers like alice bailey.

I know your going to say they are qouting it out of context, but other Masonic writers have confirmed it.

read this when you get a chance to see what I mean

Since you are only blue degree do you think there is a possibility that you are being deceived?

Since they are a higher rank and world traveled Masons, and in some cases revered as Masonic autorithies, do you think they might have some insight that you might not have?

this last question if you feel uncomfortable answering on the post E-mail me at

What is your concept of what or who God is?

again I apoligise for the hard time you had on this thread, that was not my intention.
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