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Default ...and in the begining there was you...

This takes place in the time of your date of birth:

You knew not around you. There is there. Saying to you whatever was being
said to you. You didn't really know. Involuntarily feeding / being fed...helpless
in the beginning. Developing as the days went. Eventually others became
known as there: Saying, "We are family". With open arms or . Came to be
aware of "family" or something isn't right. Things came to be however. Later
so it was known to be. Having not known before now aware. So it is known.
There in the place of dwell. Once in a while, outside of dwell, more there.
Around passing by. A few years later....:

Going where was unknown. To school later known as. Teaching you things.
Learning, knowing not what learning, but learning. Later......done with taught
Now you know. Know what....? Now you know you are here. Where-ever?.

Now you profess to be somehow one to another. Accepted and not accepted.
By those around. Grouping together, seperating from, in with or on your own.
What you see as is, is what be. No it isn't. Yes it is. Yes it is. No it isn't.
What is....? Now it is later....: so things are, so things aren't....:

The established world around is heavy on so things be to you. So it is/isn't.

Is outside of you what be? What you come out with from you is what be?
Early on one is open to what be. Older on is not as open to what be.
I am you aren't. You aren't I am. (comes out the same)
I'm not you are. You are I'm not.
Where is you and I, I and you?

There is no outside of oneself. All is inside of oneself.

It all started in the begining of you. Your point in time. Birthdate. Conscious.
Before and after, holds up in you or it doesn't. You, still are:
in the begining.

If this lifeform passes away before you, you would still be.

In the you.

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