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Default Re: social architecture/ manipulation of humanity

Originally Posted by Leonardo View Post
I can't read all those blue letters. Can't you change it to a better font color, woman?

geeeez! This place is still full of retards, man..
Originally Posted by samsamsonsoy View Post
Do you use black crayons on black paper? Is this post a secret message to someone you don't want us to read? Come-on!!! This from someone named Zhangirl? I didn't even read it. F it Im not wasting my time reading blue text. But I am wasting my time typing this because I have nothing better to do. Screw it ! Blue text, what's next? Never mind, I don't want to know !
I don't have glasses/contacts but I do have reading glasses. Find the dark color print is readable with them on. Leonardo and samsamsonsoy: you don't
wear glasses/contacts? Probably not.
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