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Default Re: Ahmad...

Peace and Love Ahmad...

When you have historical verification does not mean it's from God that is not what I am saying, you are misunderstanding.
Historical verification that the current versions have not been changed from those of the time period.
That's important, because then when someone claims that the text has been changed it has to match the evidence.
If the text is unchanged, the person or book (Quran) that says the text has been changed is in error, but we both can agree God does not make errors.
And history can be known, the revisionist are wrong, the more sources, independent confirmation, collaborating evidence you have the better.
If not how do you know Mohammed even existed?
I never said if someone defends certain books as being true because the evidence is overwhelming they are.
ahmad do not twist my words.
History can be known and the resurrection of the dead of Jesus of Nazareth is THE SIGN that God used to reveal his truth, mathematics is known even to Jins and Shatan and proves nothing.
So if we have historic confirmation of the Resurrection, historic confirmation that the scriptures have not been altered, and the Quran says they been altered with no corroborating evidence other than the number 19,
Ill go with a man rising from the dead anyday, Ill bet Shatan is a hell (No pun intended) of a mathematician...
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