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Default Re: Slavery still exists?

If you're a low wage earner in the States it may well look like you're just some form of exploited slave. The situation in the US is far worse than the UK because the economy is geared so differently. The way the economy is managed in the US is just asking for more and more exploitation of 'wage-slaves'.

Its just so common for people in the US, and this can include people in the middle-class as well, to find themselves with not enough money to pay the monthly bills and being forced to work weekends and at nights. Despite the American Dream many US citizens not only don't own their own home but are forced to live in trailer parks.

However I think the full extent of wage-slavery is actually far worse than this and far more insidious.

There is a huge amount of pressure on children at school to become socially useful units of society and this 'socialist-like' programming is at the complete expense of the individual. They teach children how to be respectful of their so-called betters and in this regard they become regimented. They also instil a sense of unquestioning social compliance.

Governments at the end of the day don't seem to care about individuals and their proper development, all that matters is that the limited funds of tax payers money were well spent and that they got their money's worth.
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