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Exclamation The way it is...

Social Engineering is closer to home than you think.

To start with: everyone already is without knowing anything to they be.
As you go on, the already you there, becomes however it will be. Whether you
advance your being or more-so if your being suffers at the hands of the world
of now, you will still be ----> whatever you is to be; according to your already
are and roughly the way you will be. You will still be you, inside yourself.

What is you, that you already are?:

You there, already are, are out from, whatever your roots in all been so far to
date (historically), has cranked you out, to be like. We all begin from our very
own self-points of be. Where we mix with our already there selves. Going on
to become, however we will have gone on to become. You either advance
your being through your living on OR your being suffers in the face of what
came your way as you went on being. INSIDE: you are still you.

Do you wonder if you are like other people OR if other people are like you?
There could very well be a good reason for wondering .

Some of us are more willing to be as the human lifeform would be >others.
Myself, I have been deadened away from my roots and this lifeforem in life.
However, I am not dead.

I could still be this lifeform (human) for who knows how long AND eventually
turn into some other lifeform ---> whenever(?).
I may also wave "bye bye" to this lifeform and be ---> who knows what(?).
As it is I can go either way. (not at the snap of fingers though)

Lots of people around but are they people like you can see? The less
contact we have with people, the more we can see them there. The more
contact we have with people, the less we can see them there.

People around us want to put us to the side BUT not without being there to
us. It is wanted for us to see them there INSTEAD of ourselves. They want
us to let them have what they want AND do not want us to have it anyhow.
These people, are not people, like we can see. What are they? Mostly
they are "automatically" ran in relation to ourselves "seeing" them there.
The world around is "rigged" up to be au contraire to ourselves every ping
of the way. The world around does not have a life of its' own. They only live
as long as "we" are spectators in the world. Once "we" are no longer
spectators in the world, the world ceases to be there, like "we" have known.
Prior to this, the world is simply there instead of "us".

Socially Engineered to be there so, from the begining of our days to the
end of our days in this lifetime. It is wanted for "us" to lose out.
The puppeteer of it all, simply has it all over us be. "We" do not survive
this lifetime in the world around "us", from this lifeform. Yet "we" still are.
This is all hidden from us as we are directly here in the midst of it. HOWEVER
those of us that look within ourselves, come to see, the way it is.

You may not know it to such extent BUT you would be on track to coming to
know it as you so far would have it known to yourself.
If you are looking within yourself to see.

Those of you "who" are not one of "us" -->

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