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There are many different magi controlling many different groups. From the Iluminati to the Christians. if you want to know about the Secret Society to start many others, look into Pythagorean Brotherhood/Mathmatikoi.

How did this discussion get so far off topic because of a few disagreements?

Perfect example of how people can't agree to disagree so everything gets tainted by fear, anger, hatred, and jealousy. Drop your EGOs and sit at this round table like civilized evolved souls.

Aren't we all here because we love this planet and all life on it? Aren't we all here because we want to share the information we have discovered on how it's all getting destroyed? Aren't we all on the same team trying to do what we can to fix this mess?

WAKE UP! The more you argue the less you bond and actually work as a TEAM to fix all this! So stay focused and lets have some educational debates, rather than childish arguments...

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