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Default Re: Fighting the fight!

Originally Posted by emerging View Post
Max -- I'd love to know some of the ways of knowing that people are attempting to play mind games. I have fallen victim to these my whole life, and find that as i get clearer and clearer on the truth of my reality, the mind games become more and more prevalent.
Can you provide some pointers here on combatting mind games and identifying them without feeling like one is losing sanity in the face of all the disbelief?
hello emerging, I'm not Max:
you say you've been victim all your life
finding as you get clearer on your reality
the mind games become more prevalent.

Are you calling mind-games - the way things go with you?
If so then I would think it's more voice-activated than mind game.
Voice activated is from above and beyond here where you be.
No rhyme or reason to it.
Mostly caught up in around you by without from above and beyond here.
Here don't exist to them upfront. Probably you are not founded in you be.
Seemingly up in the air in all around you; as far as you there instead goes.
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