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Default Re: Occult Signs and Symbols

Originally Posted by Brouhaha View Post
I understood this hand gesture to be of old Italian origin and was actually the opposite, being to ward off evil spirits.

Here is one site that backs this up:
What is The Evil Eye?: A Brief History of the Spell and a Possible Cure

Of course, there are a multitude of sites, like you have posted BA, that say the opposite. I suppose we have to look at all the theories and decide to ourselves which we believe.
Yeah, right.

George Bush, Jr., Laura Bush and all the other prominent politicans and, otherwise, who flash this hand sign do so in order to ward off evil spirits.

Sounds completely logical and "SANE" to me.

"sarcasm intended."

Actually, if this is the reason they use this hand gesture, it sounds completely "INSANE" to me.

P.S. Maybe someone in the media ought to start asking those persons of political prominence and otherwise who use this hand gesture why they use it and let's see if they tell us it's because they're warding off evil spirits.

Now, that, my friends, is what sounds perfectly logical and SANE to me and not the above as proposed by Brouhaha.

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