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Default Re: Occult Signs and Symbols

Originally Posted by Brouhaha View Post
I told you of the origin.

Obviously we have seen the sign make its way into mainstream society courtesy of heavy metal musicians, extreme sports athletes and professional wrestlers that all use it to excess.

Seeing Hilary Clinton use this sign as a "cowabunga" speaks more to her being a fool about pop culture than the fact that she is a satanist.

Do you really believe that these major politicians are intentionally flashing a satanic hand gesture as a profession of their satanic faith? Even a guy like GWB who was put in office by right-wing christian fundamentalists who are watching his every move?
I would disagree.

Heavy metal musicians, extreme sport's athletes and professional wrestlers do not use the "devil horn's" sign to extreme.

More like the powerful elite use the sign to excess.

FYI, GWB, Jr. was not elected to office by right-wing fundamentalist Christians and, even if he were, it would be because they are blinded by faith and don't pay attention to his every move.

Like I said, it's about time mainstream media confront those politicians and otherwise who flash this hand gesture and ask them what it depicts.

Cause, quite frankly, my friend, it ain't something that most people do.

Seems to be prevalent within the political and music industry.

All the rest are just copycats.

Oh, yeah, I'm certain Chris Matthews will inquire about it real soon cause he's not just a talkin' head.

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