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Default Re: Human Civilisation Founded on Slavery?

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Its merely a matter of having a little common sense and the appropriate IQ.

Allow me to translate:

"The Mesopotamian Myth of creation has it(i.e. slavery) is what we were created for.

To be workers (i.e. slaves) for the gods." The words in the parentheses are my own.

Happy now?
Oh, for goodness sakes, Gale.

Outfrom and all the rest of his "usernames" who have posted on this forum make no sense when they write, but if you want to say that you understand their written word because it only takes a "little" common sense and the appropriate IQ to translate their BS, it only makes you look like a person who has very "little" common sense and a very low IQ.

Oh, and, BTW, CC does not desire that other members translate for one another.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

No translation needed.


Outfrom, etc. has various usernames and everything he/she has written is, for the most part, ridiculous, but if you desire to align yourself with him, so be it.

Happy now?

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