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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

Missiles Hitting The Towers ??? :-o :-o :-o

BlueAngel w/o taking any sides or talking in anyone’s behalf, I wrote the following in an attempt to perhaps explain that which you didn’t quite understand & I’m sure neither did other people…

From reading Internet articles written by journalists, investigators, & the like I can summarize a small portion of what I read right after the attacks & up until recently. I am obviously not covering everything, but only a small fraction of some very interesting points. I didn’t make any of these points up, since I gain nothing by writing disinformation. As a matter of fact, the only reason I am writing this, is because I give a shit about this country & where it’s going. Also because it bothers me that w/ all of the knowledge & money that there is in the world, it baffles me that man is still treating its fellow man as a mere animal, & not as a being capable of understanding the concept of God. A concept, real animals will never comprehend.

1) It is obvious that the magnitude of coordination required, so that all planes hijacked reached their destination & accomplish their mission w/o interception of any kind, had to be extensive. This coordination also requires the interaction of many people that are decision makers & are at the controls of the airports, security, & surveillance, as is the case w/ the prompt release of the identities of the 19 (real or made-up) hijackers. This coordination is so extensive that it goes beyond & into the media networks covering the event, & all of the special ops emergency crews that were there before anything happened, such as fema, etc.

2) Anyone in charge of the country, & I mean anyone that really gives a shit, would have jumped right out of their seats & taken charge of the situation then, right then in there, not after the fact, after everything had a chance to occur to completion, & after all related people were evacuated from the country.

3) The fact that we did not do anything at all, as far as letting those planes hit the towers, is mind boggling, unless of course, it was allowed to happen.

4) The fact that both towers & 1 additional building collapsed “demolition” style to the ground is unquestionable.

5) Now, the filming of the event itself has various theories & people very eager & dedicated to finding out discrepancies w/ reality, & therefore a smoking gun. However, not all theories are that far away from each other. For example,

** There were clips showing the additional mysterious device underneath the 2nd plane. On the same type of “film run,” someone showed, by slowing down the film speed, how right before impact, a small flash, & therefore a missile was fired from this device & into the building, which was obviously traveling (after being fired) way faster than the plane. They claim that the reason for this was to cause the “Hollywood” style explosion effects needed for maximum psychological impact.

** Other analysis were made were they claim that given our current level of sophisticated secret technology, some of these plane images were in fact, “holographic” in nature, however, not the explosions themselves (which were real). So what you were actually looking at was in fact not a plane but a “holographic” image projected into space either from the vicinity or from a missile disguising itself as a passenger plane. One interesting aspect of this theory, is the fact that if you look at the slow motion clip of the final moments into the building, you notice how this plane flows through the outside wall of the building w/o causing any damage neither to itself, nor to the outside wall of steel & concrete of the building. It literally looks like if the image was just moving through. The plane did not squash itself like an accordion, the wings never lost their original angles, & nothing flew away from neither the plane nor the building. In fact, there is a moment in the film, for a fraction of a second, when the plane is entirely inside the building & the building looked just as it did before the plane went through, w/o a scratch. It looks more like a “ghost” than a plane crash. Now, if this was not due to the “holographic” theory, it could be explained by the following theory.

** Now this other theory, which has been floating around for while, claims basically that, what you were looking at was basically a real-time “digital video” mix of real-life footage (the burning building w/ smoke & fire) w/ another pre-recorded footage w/ the images of the planes flying through space & into the buildings. By the way this technology is analogous to what a disk jokey does when playing a real-time music mix of 2 separate music CDs w/ their CD mixer, except here we are talking video DVDs instead music CDs. Not rocket science. However the end result is comparable to what we see all the time in our TV screens or at the movies. A believable action / adventure movie, so believable in fact that sometime or another we have caught ourselves “jumping” out of our seats in a movie theater – have you not. And yes, in order for anyone to have been able to pull these tricks, they must have done some previous planing in order to get the angles & the distances figured out in advance, such that the pre-recorded video images were able to be properly mixed w/o loosing proportion or perspective. I just recently listened to a pre-recorded Internet radio-broadcast where the speaker talks about also, some of the “still” photos taken by the news media. He goes into explaining some discrepancies, w/ reality, where if you look at the pictures he specifically dissected, you can’t help it but to notice how, for example, the tilted head of the building has the accompanying smoke at the same angle as if that section of building was standing up & not sideways. In other words, it shows how by defying logic, the photo editor tilted both the building & the smoke, but was unable to tilt the building while allowing the smoke to flow w/ the wind & the rest of the background smoke. That detail there was not properly hidden, & therefore shows tampering.

** Now the obvious question would be, well how come I saw what happened along w/ another millions of people across the globe. Well, to answer that all you have to do is realize that what you saw was exactly what was broadcast by the media, & therefore it was already “edited” by the time you saw it on your TV screen. However, to see the real thing you had to be there. But everyone that was there was actually running away from the area, & chances are that w/ all of the smoke & debris falling you couldn’t see it anyway. The people that were there, were been evacuated, & only those that were actually permitted w/in the perimeter had a close view. Everybody else just probably saw nothing but smoke & fire. And besides, to have seen the actual plane hit, you had to be looking up & ahead of time to the exact place of impact, since that moment is so fast, anyone can miss it. However, none of the video cameras we saw footage from had any problem w/ that. Go figure. That’s the power of television. It can make anything look real…
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