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Originally Posted by monk View Post
Hi Blue Angel,

After the 2nd World War America become a superpower with a lot of influence in the world, and was the first country to recognize Israel as a state, most other non-muslim countries fell in with American opinion.

Because of this, many muslim countries are anti-American, there was a great deal of sympathy for the Jews after the holocaust that coloured views just after the war.

A wise muslim once said "If you want to give the Jews a homeland then give them a slice of Germany, the country that tried to exterminate them".

The United Nations thought that was too risky after having two world wars with Germany, however the war with terrorists seems never ending!
Your post doesn't make any sense.

The state/country of Israel was created after the Holocaust by the United Nation's and it had nothing to do with America being the first country to recognize Israel as a state.

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