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Originally Posted by Brouhaha View Post
BA, do you have comprehension issues? You accuse many of having posts that make no sense, but in fact they are quite clear.

Just because you do not understand doesn't mean everyone else is having problems reading these posts.

Both of Monks posts make a lot of sense and are quite understandable.
Absolutely not.

My reading comprehension is IMPECCABLE.

I don't accuse many of having posts that make no sense.

I accuse a few; and you would be one of them.

A few does not equal many.

If I don't understand that which is written, trust me, my friend, it's not comprehensible for most others and not quite clear, as well.

Both of Monk's posts do not make any sense and, consequently, for this reason are not understandable.

The same can be said for many of your posts.

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