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Default Re: Who or What Agency Deleted My Post?


Im sure they watch us here. Perhaps certain software is used that scans for key words and then when that system is tripped a human agent is sent to monitor the situation more closely. Then again perhaps their Cray super computers do all the thinking for them when censoring sites in mass.

Anyways, Ive long been interested in mind control. The author of the Matrix books talks a lot about this, as does Preston Nichols of the montauk project. He mentioned that radio frequencies of 433 megahertz produce profound mind altering effects. Ive reasoned that magnetic shielding could help protect you in part, like using thick copper foil or sheet stainless steel. Powerful magnets might also have an effect as well as clean food (like organic) that can help limit the effects of emf manipulation.

DR Bill Deagle talks about various forms of mind control, brain wave entrainment, and cellular behavior modification. :0)

Incog Jim
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