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Default "What Is The NWO?". Brilliant Short Film. 4 Meg WMV File

I was a little blown away by this short and to the point film. I understand full well the origins of the philosophy underpinning the fools implementing the NWO program but am only now delving into the more specific facts of their signs and symbols. The comparisons here astounded me...seeing things side by side...the statue on top of the White House - Persephone (obviously). Please watch this. Download it and spread it around. It's 4.3 meg. Click Here To Download.

Even MORE astounding. From the above short film but in higher bit rate...footage from 13 months before 9-11 taken from a helicopter. We see what can only be described as a UFO leap from the side of one of the towers at the WTC. I'm NO photographic expert but that sure looks authentic to me. Combine the footage with reading Nick Cooks "The Hunt For Zero Point"...and it's pretty compelling. The people talking seem VERY authentic to me.

The authors of the short film show other footage at the point of the second plane crash with a white hot fiery ball making a similar track. They insinuate this is a similar UFO. This is one of the aircrafts engines. The most solid object on the plane. It glows white hot because it operates in the thousands of degree's. It moves faster because it has retained most of it's original mass and density.

If you know of the origins and background to this piece of footage could you please send me an e-mail.

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