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Default Re: "The Pentagons New Map"...Lays It ALL Out...

I guess there is a particular bent to an Elite paedophile you said...paedo heaven.

My opening remarks were meant to convey that we sometimes get caught up in the 'hidden' and 'dark' bits and peices of the NWO structure and miss the fact that so much of it is in plain view in the traditional sense.

Barnett just lays it all out in all it's glory.

He pulls no punches and Alex Jones claims he had a little run in with him. Alex told him the NWO will be defeated and Barnett spat back with a few expletives..."keep dreaming".

Web sites like Janes Defence weekly are brimming with NWO tit bits.

Even if they can watch from all directions...they'll never have enough scum to fill the ranks to man the computer screens.
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