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Blue Angel,

I never said there wasn't a British Mandate issued, but that it wasn't implimented, thus recognizing a coup by the Israelies when borders hadn't been agreed really isn't legal, i have left numerous links on this, and the recognition of Israel by Truman has never been forgiven by muslims, please read links i have left.

Whatever you say, THIS FACT IS WELL KNOWN AND DOCUMENTED, you can't recognize a new country if borders are not agreed, Truman twisted arms within the U.N. after he was the first to rubber stamp Israel.
Kindly QUOTE the member of the forum to whom you are responding, because it certainly cannot be me as I have never conversed with you about some British Mandate which you say you never said wasn't issued, but that it wasn't implemented.


Another post by MONK that doesn't make ANY SENSE!

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