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Default Re: Mason/Nazi alliance?

Hi Ksigmason,

Where are you?

Hi Blue Angel,

Please note we come from different nations, so my use of English may confuse, in truth i don't have any disagreement with you, but i want to nail general i write on science forums thus may be confusing, but it won't be to Ksigmason.

Ksigmason, please look at this thread....on the BBC Open University!

In truth as always you can change page at bottom of page, however i'm leaving a link to page 22, please work backwards, perhaps casual readers won't be interested in the first few pages as it is about PHI:-

Comments on: "The Language of the Universe" - Page 22 - Open2 Forums

Why have so many nations been aligned to the stars....Why so many terrorist attacks and coups (Alnilam and Sirius)??????
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