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You find it hard to believe that the government conducted unethical experimentation on "unwitting" citizens and that Clinton made a public apology?

I suspect, in your world, it's better to believe that the video is a fake.

Please tell us what purpose this would serve?

Here's a suggestion, since you think the video is a fake, how 'bout you send the video to a media outlet and ask them to authenticate it or to Clinton himself asking him if those are his words.

FYI, as anyone can see, the video provides a clip of his speech.

No one said the clip was the entire speech.

Try finding the video on the web.

Very few exist.

Most cannot be FOUND when clicking on the link.


I wonder why?

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know the answer to that question.

I wonder just the same why the video is of such poor quality.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist....

I have provided the text below.

The following is a portion of a speech given on 10/3/95 by President William C. Clinton concerning Executive Order 12975 - Protection of Human Research Subjects and Creation of National Bioethics Advisory Commission:

"Thousands of government-sponsored experiments did take place at hospitals, universities, and military bases around our nation. Some were unethical, not only by today's standards, but by the standards of the time in which they were conducted. They failed both the test of our national values, and the test of humanity. The United States of America offers a sincere apology to those of our citizens who were subjected to these experiments, to their families, and to their communities. When the government does wrong, we have a moral responsibility to admit it."

Most people are unaware of President Clinton's historic speech, which was given three hours prior to the O. J. Simpson jury trial verdict.

Pres Clintons Apology

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