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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Sorry, but I never said that the video was the entirety of Clinton's speech so don't say that I did, because I didn't.

If you want a better video, find it yourself.

This forum doesn't exist to appease you nor do I.

You're the person who questions the validity of the video, so, yes, you are the person who should attempt to verify it and not me.


This forum doesn't exist to appease you nor do I.

Do your own research.

You're accussing me of tampering with the words Clinton spoke on the video?

You can cleary hear them.

The excerpt was provided by others and myself, as well, and they jive.

Get real, pal!

Or, don't.

Either way, take a hike.

I NEVER said any of the things you are accusing me of Blue angel.
I don't need to find a better copy. You are the one who provided the video..I idn't..
to me it's not very viable. If you want ME to beleive or anyone.. you are the one who needs to find a better video
FTR I'm not your pal..
YOU said it was the full speech..then you went and edited your posts...
YOU have an agenda. no one else..just you..

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