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Originally Posted by Lovie View Post
I NEVER said any of the things you are accusing me of Blue angel.
I don't need to find a better copy. You are the one who provided the video..I idn't..
to me it's not very viable. If you want ME to believe or anyone.. you are the one who needs to find a better video
FTR I'm not your pal..
YOU said it was the full speech..then you went and edited your posts...
YOU have an agenda. no one else..just you..
I haven't accused you of anything, but you've accused me of plenty which is untrue such as tampering with Clinton's words on the video.

Doesn't matter whether I provided the video or not, you're the person who isn't satisfied with it and wants a better copy so I suggest you find one.

I don't work for you.

I provided a video which was provided by someone else.

Believe it as it is or not, I couldn't care any less.

CC doesn't exist so that we can spend our time proving that which hasn't been proven by someone such as yourself claiming the video is fake.

I never said it was the full speech and edited my post.


You are lying.


I do have an agenda and so do many others including yourself.

The difference would be that my agenda is honorable and your agenda is not.

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