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Originally Posted by Lovie View Post
so what EXACTALY would my agenda be for asking you for a better copy of the video???

btw, I looked for a better can't see his lips to match the words up to his speech..could be overdubbed..

verb |ˌōvərˈdəb| ( -dubbed, -dubbing)
record (additional sounds) on an existing recording [ trans. ] : she'd overdub her parts for a whole album in a single session | [ intrans. ] a live tape that I overdubbed on.
You're asking me for a better copy of the video because you are attempting to prove that it's a fake because you know that a better copy doesn't exist.

Gee, how convenient.

So, if Clinton's words are overdubbed, what does that prove?

That someone overdubbed his words and he never apologized for the "unethical" experimentations conducted on "unwitting" citizens by the government of the United State's of America?

Could you kindly find out what Clinton really said before he was, as you believe, overdubbed?

Even if the video is a fake; even if his words are overdubbed, I can assure you that "unethical" experimentation's were conducted by the government of the United State's of America on "unwitting" citizens and I don't need a President or otherwise to aknowledge it.

Try searching the "Tuskegee" experimentation.

Here's a question for you.

What would be the point of producing a fake video of Clinton apologizing to the "victim's" of unethical experimentation?

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