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Originally Posted by Lovie View Post
there's alot of people just saying stuff on the web. I don't know why someone would overdub that. But, people do a lot of stuff that I don't understand why.
Why are you so convinced it's the real thing??

and FTR, I didn't know there weren't any good copies of it till I looked LAST NIGHT!
And again..I don't rally give a shit two much..If it's true that Clinton apologised, it would be a start, but, I find it difficult to beleive that a polition would apologise.

You can't think of any reason why someone would overdub the video.

Thanks for proving my point.

I am convinced it's the real thing, because it hasn't been proven to the contrary.

Obviously, you do give a sh*t, because you keep going on and on about it.

He apologized for the Tuskegee experiments.

Do you not believe that either?

Clinton's apology is not a start.

The apology was 15 years ago and nothing else has transpired since then.

Seems to me it was the end and a little too late.

In either event, as far as I'm concerned, an apology to the thousands upon thousands of unnamed victims whom the government abused in "unethical" experimentation and in trauma-based mind control programs is unacceptable.

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