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Default Re: Mason/Nazi alliance?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post

It's not offensive.


Do tell.

How have you served our country honorably for the past eight years?

To where are you being deployed?



What are you?




Air Force?
It is offensive when you don't know the facts, but act like you do.

I've served in Emergency Responses in Idaho (fire and flood disasters), training forces in Japan, and serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom III. When I was in Iraq I was up in Kirkuk (a mixed region with some Arabs, mostly kurds, a few Turks, and a small amount of Chaldean Assyrians).

I hold a MOS of 15W (used to be 35K and before that 96U in designation). I hold a secondary MOS of 35F (used to be 96B). I've trained at bases all over the world. And if you didn't realize by my MOS designations, I'm in the US Army. HOOAH!

Originally Posted by monk View Post
Hi Ksigmason,

Have you found that secret societies of all kinds align to the egyptian god stars of Alnilam and Sirius, the alignments are at the start of the day of event, at sunrise, sunset or midnight.

The Premier Masonic Research Conference starts on 27th May 2011, being a Friday, and being a working day this would start in the evening.

Obviously sunset would be an obvious choice to align to the centre star of the Belt of Orion.

On attachment i'm showing a astronomy graph looking West at location along the horizon, it shows Alnilam setting with the Sun at location, when image comes up please click on image again to make larger....most of Washington D.C. is aligned to either Sirius or Alnilam by this you know anything about all this?
The stars have always played an important role in our history. The ancient world powers really did set the course for modern astronomy and how humans interact with the stars. Cool chart. I wish I could've gone to that as I would've been Master of the Idaho Lodge of Research this year but I had to step down due to this upcoming deployment. I would've been paid some per diem to go to any Masonic Research conference.
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