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Default We need to unite

A big problem for the anti-NWO camp seems to be the lack of unity. We are often all too quick to attack each other for some kind of imaginary departure from "ideological purity".

For example, I am 100% against abortion, but from a secular human rights perspective. I am often challenged by our religious brothers and sisters over this supposed failing, but the sad thing is that we share the same goal.

This is almost a metaphor for the problems that befall those of us who have cottoned on to our leaders' true intentions. It seems that the elite's tactic of divide and rule is working well in our midst.

What we need to do is realise that our freedom is too important to risk by engaging in distracting sideshows amongst ourselves.

The puppet masters are counting on us being unable to unite to oppose their nefarious plans. Let's show them how wrong they are....unite and win!

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