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Here, I have a better idea.

Since Lovie will not pursue his conquest to determine whether or not the video of President William Jefferson Clinton is authentic or a fake, I, BlueAngel, personally invite President William Jefferson Clinton to register as a member of Club Conspiracy and verify or disavow the video of him apologizing to thousands upon thousands of "unwitting" victims who were used in government experimentation's which he defines as "unethical" according to today's standards and the standards during the time in which they were conducted.

Sorry, but one cannot consider that "unethical" experimentation's can be conducted according to today's standards or the standards during the time in which they were conducted or any other standards for that matter; past or present; today or yesterday because the word "unethical" in and of itself implies that there aren't any standards.


Do I have to be the one to CLARIFY and INTERPRET this deliberate MISREPRESENTATION.

The answer, of course, is that, obviously, I do have to be the one to interpret this deliberate misrepresentation.

Happy to do so.

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