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Default Re: Who or What Agency Deleted My Post?

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
According to my search engines there are plenty signs of my book on the web.

Unfortunately albie you have a one sided point of view on the subject and you are just repeating common misconceptions.

I have personally submitted to this site claimed proof that the Space Shuttle and International Space Station and just about everything else NASA has done in space is/was a fake. I have also submitted evidence that the current laws of physics are wrong.

How does this compare to David Icke's Reptilians?
OMG. Who has ever heard of you? That's my point. Why would they spare valuable manpower and resources on you?

Have you ever heard of this?

Periodic limb movement disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

or this?

Hypnic jerk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

No doubt these are made up by the Illuminati who want to stop you unveling that the lawas of physics are wrong. EVEN THOUGH IF THEY WERE THERE ARE COUNTLESS AND FAR MORE QUALIFIED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO WOULD HAVE SPOTTED THE WRONGNESS OF THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.

You are not right in the head, pal. Have you taken your theory to an actual physics graduate?

Hilarious display of paranoia and delusional grandeur.
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