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Default Re: Mason/Nazi alliance?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Dear KSigMason,

You've served in fire and flood diasters in Idaho as an ARMY military personnel?

What do you mean by training forces in Japan?

What is your ARMY speciality?

When did you join the Army and at what age?

In what capacity as a military personnel in the ARMY did you serve in Iraqi Operation Freedom III while you were stationed in Iraq up in Kirkuk (a mixed region with some Arabs, mostly kurds, a few Turks, and a small amount of Chaldean Assyrians)?

Front line?

What is an MOS of 15W?

What is a secondary MOS 35W?

What is your ARMY rank?

Why have you trained at military bases all over the world?

How many times has the ARMY deployed you in the past eight years to serve our country in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Where else have you been deployed and what were the durations of those deployments including Iraq and Afghanistan?


P.S. Thanks for informing all of us here at CC that you are on active military duty and have been for the past eight years as, after all of your time on this forum, I believe this is the first you've mentioned it.

I thought you were a full-time college student from your previous posts.

Iím a member of the Idaho Army National Guard and as such respond to natural disasters that occur in my State, and other Stateís if that State needs assistance. When I first enlisted I was a traditional Guardsman, but now Iím a Active Guardsman, which is like Active Duty, but I get paid by the State not the Federal government.

I mean, I went to Japan and was a part of a joint military war fighter exercise. Itís called Yama Sakura. I had a blast there, but I only picked up a little of the language, but I had an interpreter with me.

I was in Kirkuk, Iraq, from December 04 to November 05. I was an Intelligence Analyst, but now thatís my Secondary specialty. MOS = military occupational specialty, 15W = UAV operator, and 35F = Intelligence Analyst.

I am currently a SGT, but am at the the top 5 of the promotion list in the UAV and top of the list for Intelligence Analyst.

I have trained all over because Iíve attended several different war fighter exercises and then I deployed to Iraq. Iíve only been deployed once before, but if you include the training before we entered into Iraq I was deployed for 18-months, but the time in Iraq was no more than 12-months.

My military life was never brought up so I never discussed it. I do still go to college, sometimes online, and sometimes on the weekend. Also, when the deployment orders came out I stopped being a student. While Iím in Iraq I may have time for some online courses, but not sure. When Iím home Iím going back to being a traditional guardsman and a full-time student
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