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Default Japan Controls Iran

Japan Controls Iran

Japan's Conspiracy (4) P2

Most of well-known Iranian political figures are Japanese.
Nowadays people are mixed and many people have more than one mother nations with regard to their ancestors.
Most immigrants move to a country because they are attracted by the country.
However, in the case of Japanese immigrants, things are quite different.
In fact, most of them are immigrants who are secretly and indirectly mobilized by the government.
They may say that they are independent immigrants and that they are interested in the country.
But most of the cases, they are telling lies.
Japanese have special skills to deceive others.
I used to believe that all the human beings had the same level of skills to deceive others.
But as I met many foreigners in Japan and abroad, I gradually recognized that Japanese have high level of skills to deceive others.
Probably due to the education programs that have been introduced by the government, Japanese have developed such skills in their early ages.
Sometimes, I see small children who are trained to harass targeted adults. They are perfect liars.
Sometimes they intentionally hit the targeted adults and immediately they pretend to have been hit by the adult and pretend to have been injured. Then, they shout in a loud voice.

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