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well, something transpired but NOT what you claim..
I know what I said and what I meant.

What transpired is exactly what I claim.

You have no clue what you said and/or what you meant. That is why I must decipher your own written words for you.

yes, anyone can see the rubbish that you spew.
Not like you think..

Again, I must decipher.

It would be...

Everyone can see the rubbish you spew.

so, you are saying that you didn't post the video on club conspiracy? It says Blue Angel. so either you are lying or someone is posting under your user name....
so, your satisfied

Never said I didn't post the video on Club Conspiracy. I said I am not the OP. And, even if I am the OP of the video, so what?

Who cares?

Not me.

But, apparently, you do.

And, why you do.

I have no clue.

As if it matters who the OP of the video is.


I'm completely satisfied.

No one posts under my user name, but me!

hmmm just because I think it's fake apology?
I don't know why you keep referring to me in the masculine pronoun. I am female.
That is what demons want you to believe.

Okay, female.

Good to know you believe in demons.
Inside the box.

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