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Default Re: Mason/Nazi alliance?

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
I’m a member of the Idaho Army National Guard and as such respond to natural disasters that occur in my State, and other State’s if that State needs assistance. When I first enlisted I was a traditional Guardsman, but now I’m a Active Guardsman, which is like Active Duty, but I get paid by the State not the Federal government.

I mean, I went to Japan and was a part of a joint military war fighter exercise. It’s called Yama Sakura. I had a blast there, but I only picked up a little of the language, but I had an interpreter with me.

I was in Kirkuk, Iraq, from December 04 to November 05. I was an Intelligence Analyst, but now that’s my Secondary specialty. MOS = military occupational specialty, 15W = UAV operator, and 35F = Intelligence Analyst.

I am currently a SGT, but am at the the top 5 of the promotion list in the UAV and top of the list for Intelligence Analyst.

I have trained all over because I’ve attended several different war fighter exercises and then I deployed to Iraq. I’ve only been deployed once before, but if you include the training before we entered into Iraq I was deployed for 18-months, but the time in Iraq was no more than 12-months.

My military life was never brought up so I never discussed it. I do still go to college, sometimes online, and sometimes on the weekend. Also, when the deployment orders came out I stopped being a student. While I’m in Iraq I may have time for some online courses, but not sure. When I’m home I’m going back to being a traditional guardsman and a full-time student
Obviously your military life was never brought up by anyone on this forum because we didn't know you had a military life and, therefore, it would be impossible for us to bring it up.


You're an Idaho National Guardsman, an Army sergeant and an Army intelligence analyst.

You've engaged in joint military war fighter exercises all over the world, and, while in Japan, during one of these joint military war fighter exercises, you had a blast and your own personal interpreter, supplied by the Army, but only learned a little of the language.

Sounds like a lot of fun.

What do you do when you ATTEND these joint military war fighter exercises all over the world as an Intelligence Analyst?

You were deployed to Iraq as an intelligence analyst, but that's now your secondary specialty.

So, what is your first SPECIALITY?

You said you were deployed to Iraq as an Intelligence Analyst but then you say you are at the top of the list for Intelligence Analyst.

So, in what capacity will you be serving our country when you are deployed to Iraq for your second tour?

You're being deployed to Iraq.


I do, sincerely, hope that while you're in Iraq you have time for some on-line courses.

P.S. I don't think you should write much more about your deployments, war exercises, and how much fun you are having as a member of the military during this war, cause, quite frankly, it somewhat diminishes those who are on the front lines; those who have lost their lives; those who have lost their limbs, and aren't having much fun.

I'm certain your next post will be about how you're front-line infantry.

P.S. What is your education as far as being employed by the Army as an intelligence analyst?

Can't wait to learn the answers to my last questions.

You disgust me and I'm certain if any other military personnel and/or families are reading your posts, you disgust them, as well.

Kindly refrain from writing any further on this forum about the WONDERFUL time you're having as a member of the military and you're deployments to Iraq or I'll have to BAN YOU due to your own TOTAL and COMPLETE IGNORANCE.

Thanking you in advance,

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