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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

Well, we'll never get to the truth if you expect it to leap out from under the Earth into your jacket pocket. All things of value must be searched for. Nuggets of gold included. I know it's frustrating.

The truth WILL come out. Just dont expect it to come out on the Elite media.

Look at JFK...some polls are showing upwards of %70 of Americans believe he was murdered by forces within the CIA. Despite the ongoing efforts of the Elite media to convince us we're all whacky.

Every day people are waking up. You've woken up? One at a time. I can honestly say i've made 200-300 people seriously think about how they view the world. Of those, maybe 100 grasped the fact that powerful people try to retain control of the world through varying means. And out of the 300 say 20-30 who are (for want of a better term) full blown converts, scurrying about spreading the word.

My friend was broken into. He got an alarm installed. The alarm installer mentioned the war in Iraq was a crock. My friend gave him Mike Rupperts "Truth & Lies Of 9-11"...that guy has already shown it to 10 people who now all have copies. Some of them were taking notes...and on it goes.

I said a "missile" hit the Pentagon. Aircraft hit the towers...or so my eyes tell me.

Forty years later and the American people are still wondering who really shot JFK. Was our government really involved?

911 will be the same unless EVIDENCE can be found to blow apart what the criminals in the White House have reported to the world.
It's but a scant 4 years past the eleventh day of September 2001....and look how far we've come? Thanks to the net...which must be disempowered before they continue on.

You's not ALL dark conspiricy to ALL people. For an awful lot of people including the people behind 9-11, this is all nescessary. That the ONLY way forward as we reach out into the solar system is for a UNIFIED planet under a single rule...all marching in step towards the same goal.

"The masses are stupid and need to be told what to do."

They dumb us down, brainwash us with endless Reality T.V and other superficial shit and then complain the peasants are unruly and stupid. They must "manufacture consent" in the masses while leaving the masses to think they came to the Elite point of view all by themselves.

Essentially, the Elite view is that the vast peasant class do not know whats good for them and dont know danger till it has them by the throat...hence Walter Lipman once wrote.

Many people rationalise 9-11 as done by the government to wake us up to an impending danger that only the Elite understand. All those dead and fallen buildings was unfortunate but nescessary..."one must sometimes do evil to do good."

The all loving Allies in WW2 killed more innocent German and Japanese civilians in their "terror" bombing raids than there were Jews gassed (alledgedly) in the estimate 1.5 million. How much evil will the Elite do to do good? As's we peasants who cop the pointy end while the Elite and their minions wring their hands over what hard decisions they must make.

In the end, for alot of people "Benevolent Fascism" works for them. No need to think. Just do as your told and get your brain chip with optional DNA number on forhead. A small price to pay for all that "consumer convienence" and safety from terrorists and above all...UNCERTAINTY.

Human beings HATE uncertainty and DOUBT. At it's root lies the fear of death.

The Elite play on this endlessly with their PROBLEM--->REACTION--->SOLOUTION method.

Dont be to worried about getting the details down. Just wake up your friends and family one at a time.

Ask your friends if they think the government should have the ability to track individual human beings from birth to death at all times? Ask them if any of their wonderful surveillence worked on 9-11? All that technology? Just get people to start thinking and then they will be able to analyse the bullshit for themselves.

WHO took the video footage of the jets hitting the towers?
The first was a French documentary crew making a film about Firemen. Get the their video. Riviting viewing.

God is most gracious to provide the co-incidence of them being their at that particular time for the ONLY footage of the first plane strike.

I dont think they were in on it...but it would not surprise me if the call for the gas leak (which brought them their) was someone in the know.

Did anyone else notice that they had the "Battalion Cheif" with them for a piddly "smell of gas" call?
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