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Default Re: The Earth IS Moving!

Fair enough nohope, but this
clubconspiracy website of Henry Makow's
is not "a game".

But do you see what's happening here folks?

My "The Earth Is NOT Moving" thread
has 2000 posts and nohopes'
"Gauging NWO progress by hollywood
productions" thread is up to 1200.

So nohope is jealous that somebody
other than he ( she? I don't know )
has a more popular viewership.
That is called coveting and that is a sin.

Also folks did you notice that nohope has personally made over 1000 posts
and is therefore exhibiting the same neurotic behavior
as the long gone ( hopefully ) MP?
I would rather see some quality postings
rather than quantity from nohope.
This site is not a popularity contest to see
who can post the most. This type of pathological,
predatory and irrational
behavior from nohope and a very few others is what has caused
serious scholarly conspiracy buffs to avoid or
leave this site permanently. If I were
Henry I would be highly P**SED about
low quality high quantity
"posting hogs" like nohope187 ( what a stupid name
by the way ).
By now I expected that Satan would choose someone
to negatively influence the dissemination of truth
regarding Heliocentric Incorrectness.
Congratulations nohope.

Like everyone else nohope might have some important things to say; but 1000 plus???
I think nohope needs to find a girlfriend
and get a social life rather than
spending time being mischievous.

My "The Earth Is NOT Moving" thread
( see also and )
is a sincere
effort to disseminate what I feel is the truth
regarding a major and fundamental CONSPIRACY
on this world.

Signed Rushdoony c/c Henry Makow
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