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Default Re: Mason/Nazi alliance?

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
I told you about the one I attended one in Japan called the Yama Sakura. Was that not answering you questions? And I have not broken any rules and only endulged in banter with you. If that is breaking the rules then you are just as guilty as myself.

Anywho, to get way back onto topic. I posted a bunch of links about how the Nazis persecuted the Freemasons. BlueAngel, can you disprove any of those with credible sources?
Answer the question.

What type of war fighter exercises have you engaged in all over the world?

The one you told us about in Japan does not suffice because you gave no details about any war fighter exercises except to say you had a blast.

WE want details.

Japan doesn't represent the world in which you say you have engaged in war exercises.

Tell us about the war exercises in which you have engaged in all over the world.

The Nazi's persecuted the Freemasons?


In what reality do you live?



I cannot disprove your links whatever they are.

Can you prove them?

Do all of us a favor.

Cease and desist from posting on this forum.

Thanking you in advance.

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