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Default Re: Mason/Nazi alliance?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
What war exercises have you trained in all over the world?
What part of "exercise in Japan" didn't you understand? I also did one in Hawaii. I've also done one in NY. Trained with S Koreans. Trained with Aussies, but that was Kuwait. I missed the one to Germany and Canada, but I'll have more chance

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
I said I would BAN for disgracing the men and women of our military who serve on our front lines while you go on and on about the wonderful time you're having while serving our country in whatever capacity you claim to seve our country.

That's what I said and belive me, pal, I'll ban you due to sheer utter disregard and ignorance for those who have lost thie rlives, limbs. and otherwise in the name of so-called freedom.

Don't test me.
Wow, so I didn't break any rules, but I'll get banned anyways? Nice. I'm not a disgrace. Can I not have a pleasant experience (good life skills, training, education, leadership, etc) in the military? Its not always rainbows and sunshine. I've lost friends and seen people die. I've seen horrors that I'll never share to anyone. I've had to have my knee worked on to stay in and my back isn't too far behind from needing fixing. I've suffered burns on my neck from the last deployment that have luckily healed. I had to overcome anxiety, a short temper, and a slight drinking problem. In the end though, joining was the best thing I ever did.
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