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Default Re: Mason/Nazi alliance?

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
What part of "exercise in Japan" didn't you understand? I also did one in Hawaii. I've also done one in NY. Trained with S Koreans. Trained with Aussies, but that was Kuwait. I missed the one to Germany and Canada, but I'll have more chance

Wow, so I didn't break any rules, but I'll get banned anyways? Nice. I'm not a disgrace. Can I not have a pleasant experience (good life skills, training, education, leadership, etc) in the military? Its not always rainbows and sunshine. I've lost friends and seen people die. I've seen horrors that I'll never share to anyone. I've had to have my knee worked on to stay in and my back isn't too far behind from needing fixing. I've suffered burns on my neck from the last deployment that have luckily healed. I had to overcome anxiety, a short temper, and a slight drinking problem. In the end though, joining was the best thing I ever did.

Like I said.

You are a complete and utter disgrace.

Have a good experience in the military, pal, but don't talk about it.

You may be banned due to your complete disregard and ignorance of those who serve in our military; don't have good experiences and don't live to talk about their bad experiences.

Sorry, pal, but that's the way I call it and since I'm the moderator of this forum that's the way I call it.

I have nothing but complete respect for those who serve the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX in whatever regard due to sheer ignorance or otherwise.

For you, I have none since you blatantly profess your happy times in the military when we all know that serving in the military does not encompass such.


Please explain to the forum what military war exercises you have engaged in and why you had to have your knee worked on; your back not too far behind and WORKED ON and why you suffered burns on your neck from the last deployment.

Burns on your neck from what?

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