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Default Re: Hi, I'm Jane Doe and I'm dead.

The sky is full of silly things,
Like desperations and understatements.
The dropping raindrops and falling thunder
It cries out to those scars down under.

Oh wash away my creepy follow
down below the murky shadow.
Of yesterdays regrets and aim,
Nothing could have changed the pain.

Love songs of bereft are fitting,
and tripping up my clefts by spitting.
Beside the open door is free
But someone else designed the key.

The causeway taking flight astound me
Like peanut brittle and wooden whittle.
Take the map and grow the flowers
My sorrow garden died in hours.

I found the website and stripped bare
All the sucking sounds of despair.
The angel blue arrived in time and dug a hole
To share and amuse with opposing rhymes.

So follow along if you dare
Forget your bloom and pantaloons.
The clock of conspiracy will tick your flea
when you finally remember me.
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