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Default Re: Mason/Nazi alliance?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
We are so thrilled that you have engaged in war fighter exercises in Japan wherein you had a blast. Hopefully, not a blast to your face, arms or legs as those who serve in our military on the front lines endure.

We are, as well, thrilled that you will have another opportunity to engage in war fighter training exercises in Germany and Canada since you, apparently, missed your first opportunity.


You can be banned whether you break any rules or not.

I refer you to 6(a).


You can't have a pleasant experience in the military when the majority of those who serve in the military do not and although you are having quite a pleasant time, I suggest you keep it to yourself, you moron.

How did you lose friends and see people die?

Please, share the horrors that you've seen.

Did these occur while serving on the front lines or during your war fighter training exercises?

How did your military experience wound your knees and back so that they require work and how was it that your neck was burned during your last deployment?
Care to elaborate, KSigMason?

How did you lose friends and see people die in the Iraq/Afghanistan war?

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