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Default Re: " Are World Wars Orchestrated?" - Henry's Latest.

The level of "treachery" against Hitler is UNPARRELLED.

That ALL of Germany was behind Hitler is as ridiculous as saying all Americans are behind Bush.

In fact I would'nt be surprised if their popularity numbers were pretty similar.

As an interesting side note regarding Canaris...

In March 1943, Canaris personally flew to Smolensk to plan Hitler's assassination with conspirators on the staff of Army Group Center.
The plan consisted of a bottle of wine filled with British high explosive "captured from partisans in France." ;-) It was smuggled on board Hitlers 'Condor' private aircraft under the guise of it being delivered to a friend in Germany. No doubt it was supplied by Canaris...who I bet was supplied the special bottle and detonator DIRECT from Britain...the Poms love their little gadgets.

However, the plane landed without incident. The man on the ground flew nervously to Berlin to pick up the package from the unsuspecting courier lest the the failed plot be discovered.

He opened the bottle carefully on a train and noted that the detonator mechanism had worked but the explosive had simply not gone off.

I will bet a years wages Canaris was a genuine German patriot and Christian who loathed Hitler and the Nazi's...he was USED by the British establishment and carefully controlled. The faulty explosive device was provided by the British.

I'll bet Canaris was the source of nearly ALL supposed "Ultra" intercepts which were "alledgedly" deciphered on the same day by the British at Bletchly park.

Canaris was the infamous "Lucy" who was supplying Allen Dulles in Switzerland with the entire German order of battle on any given day.

Without this info the Soviet Union would NEVER have won in the East. The Russians were hopeless. Utterly hopeless. Gauranteed by Stalin wiping out his most energetic and capable commanders in the great purges of 1937...probably brought on by disinfo provided by Britain and Germany.

Dont forget Goering also...completely betrayed Hilter constantly. Why Hitler put up with him is most strange. Goering was in deep with the Prussian Officer Core and European Royalty.

Goering has all the credentials for a Mason. I've never read it. Does anyone have info on this?

Hitler loved the British...and especially the Royal family.

Can you work it out?

The masters of the covert op and disinformation are the British...followed closely by the Russians who they taught well.

The Mossad and CIA have NOTHING on the Poms.

You dont run the planet for as long as they did from a cold hole in the North Sea by being open and honest.

The 'Jews' or Israel, are the masters of getting people to fight their wars for them? NO...the British are and taught Israel the ropes...or did the Jews teach the British some time ago? Rommel said to a British Commando who was caught testing "sand density" on a Normandy beach in early 1944..."it's good to see the British doing their own fighting for a change instead of the Irish and the Australians doing it for you."
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