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I've explained in detail about the video ad nauseum and, it appears, you are the only person who doesn't understand the written word, because you constantly misinterpret that which is CLEARLY WRITTEN IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, which causes you to continually rehash the unimportant; attempting to make some point which you will never make because you are not comprehending that which is, as I said, CLEARLY WRITTEN IN THE ENLGISH LANGUAGE.

My post about the video indicates that I understand what OP stands for.

I don't rearrange my posts to suit myself.

I don't scream foul and I don't have power against people.

More misconceptions by Lovie.

What else is new?
Why did you say you were not the OP then? If you understand what it means???
Oh wait, you'll say you didn't say that, and will have edited your posts so that they don't say that anymore..that's what I mean by using power over people..then when you don't like what they say you ban them..

talk about psy-ops...
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