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Default Re: Who or What Agency Deleted My Post?

Originally Posted by albie View Post
I'm not yellowhat. I'm agent Orange.

And they won't harass me because I've written no books.

Just how many copies have you sold? It must be thousands for them to be zapping you and breaking into cars. Of course there could be thousands of people like you, who haven't reached the public notice, who get bumped off before they become well known enough to be untouchable.

Becoming well know is not a requirement for counter interests to come your way. The outside world is shaped from behind the scenes. One can be sought
out by them simply from having been born. One doesn't even need to know.
They would prefer one to be in the dark. Interests are watched out for.

What goes on with someone out there can be real or imagined. It matters
not to the one that it goes on with. One can give it a go whether it be real
or imagined.

Outside interests like to put others in discreditable positions.

Everyone has to work it out in their self. No one prances to the tune of
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