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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

The Ghost Plane Theory – :-o :-o :-o

Boeing 767-222 As Melted Butter – Flash Animation (<Stop> & Use <FF> to “single step”)
“Notice how the “right wing” flows into the building w/o damage right after it is completely immersed into the building, & how after the entire plane disappears into the building, at that very moment, there is nothing but shadows & a couple of puffs of smoke…”

truebeliever, Ok, after you link into the page, if for some reason the “flash presentation” doesn’t show up & you still have a black screen, hit the <Refresh> button on your IE browser & then hopefully the presentation should appear. Then, hit the <Prev Track> button, all the way left, & that should stop & rewind the clip. Then, by hitting the <Fast Forward> button (second from the right), start counting frames, until you have reached the 44th frame. By frame “37” you should see a flash from the tip of the plane. Continue to frame “44.” At that frame you should notice how the “right-wing” has completely disappeared into the building, (ghost like), & there is nothing, not even a shadow of a “ghost” on that outside wall. Remember also that even though you keep saying you saw it w/ your own eyes, the premise of this ”theory” is the fact that these ”frames were previously edited” & perhaps ”pre-mixed” w/ a footing of the building by some video technician, & then later broadcast on that day (911). So, what we saw “could have been completely fabricated, in a studio-lab, way in advance”. Also the ability to perform a ”live video mix real-time” along w/ the broadcast is a technology that already exists & is in use everyday by the studios.
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