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Question Re: Christians V.S. THE WORLD!!!

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
starting points
1 or 2 or many.. what was first. what was the first thing that existed. somthing had to be first. first from what.. nuthing?.
if theres nuthing theres no matter no universe nuthing.. in order for things to evolve somthing had to be first. so how can somthing start from nuthing. this includes that big bang thing. all life. all things.. of anything that exist. had a begining.
I think maybe people confuse the bible with chritianity. only bits i know of regarding creation are long before J.C.'s time and he dosen't cover the subject.
Only the christian institutions claim or claimed to know the secrets of creation. think catholic church were pioneers of many fields of science.

I dont think J.C. would have had a problem with anyones ideas on creation and the way it all works so long as you wern't a dick about it.

Like Richard Dawkins. think he might have called him out.

Seriously though to think and marvel at creation is great but to insist on answers is really to try to gain domonion over it. not gonna happen i dont think. if our conciousness could grasp the wonders of the world then it might not sem so wonderful.

also, so far as current fashionable scientific beliefs go, attempts to measure the age/size/expansion rate of the universe are supposedly approaching an answer. if successful will the priests in white gowns (scientists, doctors proffessers) start trying to discover what lies beyond the measured boundary, and how big and old it is? I know they like to plan ahead so they must do....
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