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Default Re: Who or What Agency Deleted My Post?

I wanted to know who you were accusing, the seller or the people who tampered with her car. You seem to be accusing BOTH. Why would they tamper with a woman's car if that woman was already in league with them? presumably no car was tampered with and the story is designed to scare you. But then this woman is selling you something on ebay which means YOU FOUND HER. She didn't seek you out. You saw an object on ebay and bid for it and you won. If that woman is in league with the stalkers then she was bloody lucky to get YOU to find HER, rather than the other way around.

Your story is full of holes, chum. That's why I don't believe you are being stalked. I'm sure the government do kill people who are a problem to them and I'm sure they do stalk the net looking for folk to watch. But YOUR story sounds like paranoia.

I suppose you aren't going to tackle all I've said above. Please do. PLEASE unravel this unlikely knot. This is more fun than I've had for years.

I myself experience paranoia, you see. I find it funny.

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